Sunday, November 20, 2011


Just sitting here in the dark
Thinking about what my future is going to hold
I should just be thinking about my present
What is it?
The expectations i have for myself is in getting the way
I can't concentrate on what is in front of me
I need someone... something...
Bring me back to my now
I have someone... something...
But is it he 
Or is it me
Maybe its not meant to do alone
Maybe i need that shoulder to lean on
Maybe ....
My now will help me when its time to walk through the future's door.
It's not all bad having someone on your side as you grow too
But its you who decides if you let that someone stop you from being you.
Once said.. "Don't loose sight of who you are"
That one should be there to bring out that STAR...
                                                                              ~ Najah Starr

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