Sunday, March 18, 2012

Do You.

Sitting around
Hearing all the sounds
Think it's smooth
But then they shoot you down
Like a bird in the sky
Like its heart with no beat
Like a beat with no pulse
Why so dishumanized
Beat down like a black man
Don't know where to turn
Who to trust
How to feel
But then.. Then
Now it's when ... When
Do you stand and specify
Who you meant to be
Not what they think to be
Look down the road of thy
Not down the eyes of he
Trace the maze to make the way
The way to where you care
Care for your heart that beats
The beat that holds the pulse
The pulse that connect to the brain
The brain that choose you're words
The words that turns to action
The actions that only you can make
To walk away from all the hate
The hate that only turns into another way
Another way out of the life that holds you back
Hold you back from shooting that star
Well that star has stood still for you to aim
It's up to you to shoot your name.

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