Monday, June 25, 2012

My experience

I met George Blackmon owner of urban suburban magazine. From that meeting I know now some of the steps I have to take when starting a magazine. Such as; the title, content, colors, audience etc. I have a lot to do before I get to where I would like to. I though it would be so difficult having a office building but it's a lot to just have a magazine. I learned from Mr.George that having free lance writers is best when starting. Now I really understand what a free lance writer is. Also I have to pay for things like a photographer, publisher (printer), graphic design etc. Yes I do want a physical magazine which people could buy in local stores and newsstands, but I think for my first accomplishment I will have a website built for my magazine. I don't want a boring website that would turn people away, I want something that pops. My ideas are for teens. I want my main audience to be teens because for one they need something that would inspire them to be whatever it is they want to be. I want them to look at my magazine and say "hey, I want to be in this magazine because I believe I'm good enough to be noticed, I deserve it". There are people on YouTube who are mega talented and they should be noticed more. If people want to get out there or have people know who they are then they can call me to be in my magazine. Also I want to focus on teen issues, many can relate to any teen issue. So my magazine will provide them with inspiring words that would help them through that process. I want my magazine to help the helpless an to inspire. I don't want it to be about what we already know but I want it to be about what we don't know. I believe the world isn't aware the this generation and the many generations to come do not all have low standards. The ones that do have low standards can read an article in my future magazine and realize they are somebody important and can make a difference not only in other people lives but there own. Well that's basically my thought process when I was listening and learning from George Blackmon. Thank you.

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