Friday, June 29, 2012

Words in Action!

So it has been about 2 weeks since school ended and so far.. my summer sucks...
I have accomplished absolutely nothing.. it's sad even for me.
I only accomplished one thing actually but its not a job so I don't feel very accomplished.
I mean I found a site for my senior project, now I just have to find a topic that I want to focus on.
Anyway.. the highlight of my summer is the times I was on FaceTime with the man of my .
I also ha some girl time with my two best friends. Its so hard to go out without money, well for me it is. I would need money for something, such as transportation because I live near no one. I will NOT be walking long distances in this heat. Anyway... since I'm not working, I just need to take a trip to the beach but nobody wants to take me =( shmurr.. I thought I was going to go to the movies today.. well yesterday but that didn't happen, hopefully Saturday I'll go. I just got so frustrated with my mom.. we trying to put the new AC in and she can't drop her attitude for 10 secs. I'm not even sure if she noticed her ways and facial expression. Since I easily get annoyed at everything, all that stuff is pretty much irking my face. I really want to say some words after that. That leads me to the lack of bond I have with my family.. but that's another story. Back to my suckish summer... I still haven't seen the love of my life yet, it's killing me. If I didn't video chat with him I don't know what I would. PAUSE... I'm always getting schemed over here...Ugh I can't stand being in the presents of this house. I can't even call it home! (Something just happened that made me really want to walk out this house) ... Anyway back to my just got even worse summer. I wish I could Face Time with Debb or Jeriah right now, I need some peace in my life. I wish i could spend the rest of my summer with my Sister from another miss.. ugh, only if I had a job I so would. Just about 2 am and nothing is peaceful.. I really can't. Somebody please save me. Oh yeah one more thing, just because I get annoyed at people or whatever the case may be doesn't mean I don't appreciated what they do. Anybody can provide they children with what they need, but can you provide them with a bond that nobody can tear apart.?? Every teen goes through frustrations with their family but some families can bounce back and have a lot  of laughs and bonding time together but then then there are some that stay quiet.. such as what I go through. The way this home is being functioned here, I came to the mind set that I'm only sticking around for the stuff. What other reason is there to stick around, I can't remember the last time we ate dinner together, laughed together, watched a movie together.. nothing. I DO appreciated what I was given but things can change with the way families treat each other. That wasn't suppose to be what my blog was suppose to be about but  there we go.... my very late Friday night or very early Saturday morning. = /

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