Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life is naturally unfair..

Shouldn't it be family forever and always?? Well it doesn't look that way to me. Why should that feeling be forced, it should just be. I thought my family was who I could go to when I just need to talk about anything in the world... but no I was wrong. How can I even feel comfortable when I feel my feeling and concerns have been invisible all these years. Why can't it be your blood that understands you the most. They can't understand or even know who I am because there's no comfort. Is it bad that my few friends seem more like family then my real family. Some families do understand and take the time to but then their are the ones that just wish and hope. Well I'm the one that just wish and hopes. I wish that I could have the strong connection that I see with my friends families that goes through stuff but still stick together and can go to each other with anything. I have hope that all the drama will change into more important concerns. I'm not the one to hold grudges or to complain about something that I'm not going to try and fix. Why should I feel so alone in my own home. Why is it that my home doesn't feel like a home at all. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everything God has given me. I appreciate that my mom does all she can " money wise". I don't know about everybody else but money doesn't bring happiness to a family it just say you have less to stress over. You know there's something wrong when your family can't even sit and have dinner together while having a civilized conversation. Well I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my family issues all I can do is learn how to handle it better. Now my wishes and hopes are me moving on with my life and leaving the stress behind.

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