Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Own Inspiration...

Let me start with a Question, a question that every young girl want to know..
How do you know if you truly love someone or that someone truly loves you??
Well... I only can explain in my own words from my own experience.
That strong, heart skipping feeling you get when you look at them
When you reach out to touch his warm body and you can't stop smiling
Those times when silence says more then words
When you're sleeping at night and all you want is him
It's nothing more heart racing when he holds you close to his heart beats
The sound of his heart beating close to your ear is a sound and feeling you never want to give up
When you're with him, nothing else matters
You find that he's the one you always wanted in your life but didn't know he would come so soon
You laugh at all his jokes
He makes you smile from ear to ear
Makes love to you like he should
You can feel that passion he has for you and the passion you have for him
You support him in all that he do as well as keeping him centered, he does the same for you
And the most important.. he inspires you.
He inspired you to start doing something that you stopped doing that meant so much to you, and he didn't even know the effect he had on you.
You have this intense feeling that no one can pull you away from.
Answering the Question Why do you love me?.. 
For me.. "Words aren't even good enough to explain why I love you".
I can't say that if any young girl reads this it would be a check list for them, so i will say this..
Love is unique, it doesn't have one meaning.
Love is your own HOW.. and this is MINE.

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