Monday, August 6, 2012

Religious?? or Not so Religious??

What do you do when you're confused about your religion??
It's Ramadan and there are certain things you have to do during this time. You also have to act a certain way, such as keep arguments at the minimum and no bad language. Basically during this time we should be peaceful. What I don't understand is why don't people do this everyday of their lives. Its no good if you just do it a couple weeks every year. If you feel so strongly about it, why not practice it all the time.
What do you do when your parent forces the "appropriate" way to act on you??
I'm just so confused because I'm a nice, peaceful person that rarely curse already. So why are you trying to make it seem like I'm something other then that. If I want to watch something that have a few curse words in it, I'm not going to stop watching it. It's not me saying it so why does it matter. I would watch it any other day so why change up now.
Here's a question that I'm really confused about. What do you do, or how should you feel when your parent forces the "appropriate" way to cover yourself, on you??
Okay so a few times out my life I wore a khimar other then the times I go to the Masjid. I never felt like It was totally wrong to not wear it. That's just something i don't do. I'm not against covering myself  with a Hijab, I just don't feel the need to. I like having my hair out, having different styles and all. Why should anyone judge me just because that's what I like to do. I'm not harming anyone or showing off my body so why should it be a problem. So anyway, I don't get why my mom has a problem with it or she wants me to grasp the reason why it's important.
What do you do when people try to put in your head that if you're not following all the rules then you're wrong??
I believe who ever comes to me or any other religion saying that you're not suppose to do this and that, are a bunch of hypocrites. Okay I don't cover myself like how you believe I should, I don't make it a priority to read the Qur'an everyday, I don't jump up when it's time to go to the Masjid. But guess what, I'm still a good person that has faith. I have my beliefs, I live a certain life style. I don't say nothing when you had a kid before marriage or that time when you use to smoke and drink. I don't say nothing when you curse. If I'm not judging you on your "wrongs" then why are you judging me.
I came to the conclusion that the reason why I'm not that big on fasting is because I feel as though it's mocking those who don't have food. I was talking to my mom about fasting and she said its not that hard and I said I might get thirsty, and she said how do you think the kids who are without food and drinks feel. So my mind went on to if this is the reason for it, I don't like that. For one we get to eat before sunrise then eat when the sunsets but those kids without are still starving. Muslims have a gathering to feed all that are breaking their fast. Why do you need to make all this food for people who can feed themselves and not just give all that food to the shelters and the homeless. I don't want to get blessings for not a eating during the day, I want to get blessing for helping those with out food. I hope I made a good point on that topic because those are my true beliefs dealing with that topic.
Another thing that was brought up and that kinda confused me was marriage. Okay I get why you should get married to someone with the same religion but why take the easy but not so easy way out. I believe if you love that person and you want to marry that person, then why should you be forced and influenced to give them up just because of religious differences. Never! Ever! will I do that. The only thing would be if that person doesn't except who you are then that's not the one for you. If you came to the point that you want to marry this person then you should have already came to the conclusion that your religion won't be a problem. If he wants to stay who he is and she wants to stay who she is then it shouldn't be a problem. Some people aren't religious but their family are, so that might be the difficult part. The thing is, you're not going to be waking up to you're mom and dad every morning, you're waking up to the one you're marrying. That person who you are marrying is the one that should accept you for whoever you are and shouldn't force you into anything. The family accepting you is just a bonus I believe. Love is very powerful and it will help you find the peaceful way with dealing with religious differences. I came to realize how I'm going to deal with it, I'm not going to let anybody control me that's what I'm going to do.
Well my last words are everybody is their own person, everybody grows on their own pace and they should not be rushed. Also it's actually possible to find that person that sees the world how you see it, so when you do, don't let them go because I won't. You can't let people force you down a certain path because you WILL tumble and get lost on your way through it.