Friday, October 4, 2013

Think About It...

Wrote this December 9,2010. This was one of those write as I go poems. 

Life is like a jungle.
There's different kinds of people
Some walk the town like they own it
Some walk it like they're lost, scared, confused
Who knows what their life would be like in 10 years or so
But i know now that life is like a Jungle
Mistakes, Decisions,Wildness, Pressure
Never know what's going to come next so be aware of the stampede coming behind you
Family, Happiness, Music, Communicate
Gard your life with care 
Keep those that are there
To the singing birds to the wind blowing through the tree
There's a secret that will never come out
Its pure but polluted
Its beautiful but ugly
Like i said... Life is like a Jungle

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