Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happiness within

Are you that girl that gets out of a long and meaningful relationship and says "I need to find someone who will love me and stay loyal to me". Don't be that girl! Coming out of a relationship doesn't mean go find someone new. It means focus on you. Continue creating yourself, be better then who you were. Don't cry, don't beat yourself up, don't think everything was your fault. Think about this, were you really happy? Yes you were deeply in love, but were you happy? You were busy giving your all to this guy, along the way you forgot about yourself and your happiness. You forgot that you are important too. You forgot to love yourself. So when this guy left how did you feel? Helpless? Insecure? Noticed that there was no one there loving you. Don't be that girl! Love yourself. Make yourself happy. Give your all to yourself then maybe you're ready for someone to value you like you value yourself. If you find yourself slipping away, stop and remember what's more important...  your happiness. Don't be that girl! Be you...

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