Sunday, March 23, 2014

That special SOMETHING not someone

There are people that can say "I have that one person that will always make me happy". Can that person also say "I don't need anybody to make me happy but myself". Its not easy finding that happiness that no one can snatch from you. So taking that time out from others to get to know YOU and the thing that will make you happy is just what everyone needs. Girls go through heartbreaks and realize they're having a hard time bouncing back because they depended all their happiness on that one person. Well what are you going to do when that person isn't there to make you smile or get a negative thing off your mind. People get so caught up on leaning on someone else, they don't know how to get themselves out of a mess or go to other people. Some people get so comfortable with one person that getting on that same level of comfort with someone else is hard. You're going to realize that you have no one else but that one person. That's not healthy. That's just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. I rather say I have that one person that will always make me happy and I have something that I can honestly say makes me happy.

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