Monday, November 17, 2014

One word..."College"

You ever just get to that point in life where you just do not know? Well if you have then you must be in college.
I've always been that person to just know what I wanted to do. I know what type of person I want to date and what I hope to be in life. Now I'm questioning what should I be in life. I just do not know. I'm confused, I'm doubting a lot of things. I'm doubting who I am and who I could be. Not everything is working out exactly how I want it to be in the order I need it to be so I'm questioning myself and what should be. How do you know what's meant to be? You don't! Because what will be, will be. I have to just wait and be patient. But that's not me. I like to make things happen and make sure what I WANT, will be. I feel like my control is slipping away. I'm at the point where it's not my choice anymore. What's going to happen will just happen. I just want to know what's going to happen. I see it as black and white. Will I be successful or will I not. I don't want how I feel and where I am at this point to discourage me and be the reason I loose my biggest goal in life. Sometimes you're just not going to know. So I guess I have to keep working as hard as possible to be prepared for what's to come. 
~Don't let fear of not knowing get in the way of your future. 
                                   Najah D.

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