Monday, January 5, 2015

Find what gets you in that mood

 Have you ever struggled your whole school career trying to figure out why you're not an A+ student? It's not because you're dumb. It could be because of many reasons that can turn into excuses. Struggling with grades and the GPA outcome really puts some students down. Like myself. Not being able to hit atleast that 3.0 is upsetting and makes you feel little of yourself. Then on the other hand you're such an ambitious person. It just doesn't add up to you. Being ambitious and focusing so much of what you want for your future will sometimes make you forget what you have to do NOW for the future. Staying motivated in the present time will benefit the future. It's hard trying to find a way to accomplish that 3.0 but it's as simple as putting in the work. Time and effort is key. Try things such as different organization skills. Use what's in front of you such as tutoring sessions. Read up on how other people accomplish these goals. Learn more about time-management. Most of all STUDY. Looking at notes an hour before a test WILL NOT help you remember. Plan time out of your week to study even if there is no exam. College takes up a lot of your time but you have to learn how to use your time wisely. Do what works for you but don't be lazy about it. I say I'm trying but am I really? Just be honest with yourself! If you know you're sleeping too much into your day when you could be accomplishing things. Then get up wash yourself and go make some accomplishments. At the end of the day you're going to feel amazing that you've achieved a goal of yours and will want to achieve many more. No goal will be a piece of cake. You will have to take time to make that whole cake then cut a piece for yourself. Now I want some cake so I must put in the work. 

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