Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Letter to myself... Underneath the surface

Dear Self,
Realize that growth comes with mistakes. That growth is not perfection and will never be. Your growth is individualized and will never be like some else's path. Don't forget that you are who you are for a reason but there's always room for growth. 
This isn't just a letter to myself but a letter of realization to life . Life doesn't come with a book. It comes with societies "norms" and societies "rights and wrongs" unfortunately. It's you that has to decide what life you want to live, will it be for you or for society. Society want you to be the standard person, meaning "good" body shape, perfect grades to have a successful life, welcoming personality along many other norms. That's what they want but what do you want. 
I want to be.... I want to know... I want to see... I want have... I just want to live. Live for me, live for my future life, live for the people I love. Why do I have to think about what's right or wrong, or if I'm doing it right. I can not live and do things to get a stamp of approval from people who are just people. People who have walked their own paths, people who have struggled and doubted themselves, people who have became successful because of all their trial and errors. They're just people that lived their lives so why can't I. 
I can. 
If you take away societies rules and what should be or shouldn't be, what do you get? Your own rules and what you make of it. 
So grow using your own mind but grow to become wise. 
This is a letter to myself, a letter of realization. This isn't a promise to myself , I'm done with that. Promises sadly are false hope so this is me realizing and coming to terms with self growth. I don't want to be anything less than who I am or who I'm growing to be, so I'm not and neither should you. 

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