Friday, October 21, 2016

What do you want it to mean?

What do you want it to mean?
Constantly fighting with myself
Only I can hear it, only I can see it, only I can feel it.
What am I fighting so hard for?
I'm fighting to live a life
But aren't I living?
You're only living if you live your life to the fullest
But what does that mean?
You have to be something better than what you are
But I think I'm great
Don't limit yourself, take full advantage of all your opportunities
I'm trying, I'm working hard, and I’m making progress
I'm failing, I'm unmotivated, and I can't do this
I'm human.
I'm a human that knows nothing is given until you work
I'm a human that wants it all but have nothing at all
Yet, they tell me it's hard but I did it
Yet, they tell me it's going to cost but I bought it
Yet, they tell me my GPA is low how did I raise it
But yet I did it
I'm not there yet
My book is not yet finished
I have so many chapters to go, I don't know what the story holds
Stop fighting against the positive and what's supposed to be
Fight off the negative and make them be
Be who you want, do what you want, and live how you want
But make it count because you only live once
Live your life to the fullest
But what does that mean?
It means you do what you think that means
My fullest is my happiness
My fullest is my friends
My fullest is my experience
My fullest is the unconditional love I'll have for someone and the family I'll raise with him
Right now I'm not at my fullest but I'm at my now

I'm done fighting.

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