Wednesday, May 10, 2017

For You I Will...

 As a young adult have you ever thought about changing your path for someone else.
Of course not, because growing up we are told to focus on school and becoming the person we want to be.
What if along the way, you find the young man and decided you want to see with him who you could become.
Sleeping pass noon,
waiting to eat until the hunger sets in,
having those bad hair days all week,
skipping out on shaving for a day or two,
choosing Netflix over chill.
This sounds a lot like the happily single life.
Love at 20? HA! Who has time for that?
Working on communication,
Not having the phone on do not disturb because your “busy”,
Talking to him almost every day with nightly pillow talk,
Visiting one another and compromising.
Dressing up to go on dates,
Not having too many bad hair days because there’s always plans on the calendar with him.
That sound like a lot of effort,
But for you I will.
Having a clean room for only one day out of the week,
spraying air refresher over that mysterious smell.
Am I even adult enough to even consider someone else?
For you I will grow and for me I need to grow.
Making plans with him instead of the girls,
doing spontaneous things and going to new places,
Eating amazing food and learning mind blowing things,
This could be a kind of fun.
So, for you I will.
What do people even do in adult relationship and where’s the book they must be reading?
Is there even a way to get pass the cringe of pet names and saying I love you all the time?
For you I will test my comfort zone.
With you I will realize there’s no book except the one we will be writing ourselves.
Thinking beyond myself
Living for not just me but also for someone else.
Going beyond dating, crossing the line to partnership and family.
Crying when times get rough,
Not agreeing on every topic,
and having the feeling of uncertainty.
It will be tough but for you I will climb mountains.
Overcoming times of discomfort and growing into stronger people.
Listening and changing
Being more than a lover but a friend, support system and family.
It will be a journey but nothing has ever stop me from working for what I want.
Since I will do for you,

One day I will say I do.

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